Taliban attacks Pakistani air base

Pakistani officials report Taliban gunmen storm into military air base in country’s northwestern city of Peshawar, clashes continue

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Emergency workers wheel an injured man to a hospital after an attack on an air force base in Peshawar, Pakistan

Pakistani officials said an air force base in the country's northwestern city of Peshawar was attacked by gunmen in the early hours of Friday, at least 16 people killed and 10 soldiers wounded, according to AFP sources.

Also, 13 Taliban attackers killed, according to Reuters sources. No further details immediately available, according to senior military sources.

The armed group, Tehreek-e-Taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack, in which around 10 gunmen tried to storm into the Badaber Air Base, said Pakistani Major General, Asim Bajwa on his Twitter account.

"We proudly claim responsibility for the attack on Pakistani air base. This base is being used by fighter jets for bombing us," said Taliban spokesman muhammad Khorasani.

"Clearance ops still underway. Searching for hidden terrorists," Bajwa tweeted.

According to sources, armed military units were sent to the area and have been exchanging fire with the militants, three of whom have been killed so far.

Ambulances had taken wounded soldiers to hospital. The gateway to the tribal regions on the Afghan border that have long been a haven for militants. Last month (Aug, 2015) Taliban attacked Afghan base, and killed 15 Afghan police officers.

Militant attacks in Pakistan had fallen dramatically this year due to a military cooperation between Pakistani and Afghan governments against Taliban bases, which started after the militant group stormed a military-run school in Pakistan last December and killed around 150 people, almost all of them were children.

The Afghan Taliban is a militant group founded in the early 1990s, widely known for its insurgencies on military officials and security forces.

It emerged during the Soviet War in Afghanistan during the 1980s among many “mujahideen” factions and ruled majority of Afghanistan before being toppled by the US in 2001. It currently holds up to 60,000 fighters, according to the Council on Foreign Relations.


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