Taliban attacks surge in southern Afghanistan

At least 10 police officers killed and three checkpoints overrun in Taliban’s ongoing assault

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Taliban fighters attacked Afghan police checkpoints on Sunday in southern Afghanistan, killing at least 10 officers and wounding more than a dozen.

Mohammad Ismail Hotaki, the Director of southern Afghanistan province Helmand told Associated Press that the Taliban attacked 10 checkpoints and captured three of them in the Sangin district. 

Hotaki said that 10 police officers were killed and 16 wounded in the violence.

According to Sangin deputy police chief Haji Bari, the number of the slain police officers is 13 while 15 were wounded.

“We are in control of 80 percent of the checkpoints and are currently fighting with Taliban at two checkpoints," Bari said.

“The Taliban numbers are high and they are attacking with full force. This level of force shows they are in a strong position to fight back."

Afghan security forces launched an offensive April 24 to uproot Taliban forces in Helmand province causing an increase in counterattacks across many parts of the country.

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