Taliban denies contacting Russia on DAESH in Afghanistan

Taliban militants deny Kabulov's claims on exchanging info about DAESH with Russians in Afghanistan

Photo by: AFP (Archive)
Photo by: AFP (Archive)

Taliban militants pose for the camera in the western province of Farah, Afghanistan

Taliban has denied exchanging information with Russia on combatting DAESH terrorist organisation in Afghanistan, and dismissed the impact of the terrorists in the country.

We "do not see a need for receiving aid from anyone concerning so-called DAESH and neither have we contacted nor talked with anyone about this issue," Taliban said in an English statement on its website. 

The militant group’s statement was in response to senior Russian diplomat Zamir Kabulov’s claims on holding talks with Taliban about DAESH.

Kabulov, who is Moscow’s special representative in Afghanistan, on Wednesday said Russia’s interests in the country "objectively coincide" with the Taliban militants in the fight against DAESH and “communication channels” with the group were open.

Russia lists DAESH and Taliban as terrorist groups and has banned both of them in the country, which are also known for carrying out brutal public executions.

Moscow has considered Taliban as a threat for more than a decade, especially since Taliban-controlled areas in Afghanistan border the ex-Soviet state Tajikistan, its central Asian ally.

Although there are signs that DAESH is recruiting more members and supporters in Afghanistan, Taliban’s domination is far more powerful.

The group in their statement also ignored reports on DAESH’s influence in the south Asian nation.

"Some people in Afghanistan are wrongfully taking advantage of the name DAESH while national and international intelligence are also supporting them with the aim of prolonging the occupation," the statement read.

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