Thai police find chemical formula on Bangkok blast suspect

Thai police find bomb making formula on second suspect arrested in connection with deadly blast in Bangkok

Photo by: AP
Photo by: AP

Deadly blast hit Thailand's capital, Bangkok on August 17, 2015

Thai police said on Thursday that the second suspect arrested in the Bangkok blast on the Thai border with Cambodia was carrying a paper with a written chemical formula on it, used for making explosives.

Police spokesman Prawut Thawornsiri said that the formula consisted of acetone, volatile and flammable substance.

"These mix of chemicals you can easily obtain anywhere legally, but when you combine them, they become a chemical that is quick to catch fire and can be developed to become a detonator," he said.

"This formula can also be used to enlarge the radius of the bomb. It could be used for both of the bombings. But when the bomb detonates, this element would disappear immediately because it's an amplifier."

The suspect was identified as Yusufu Meerailee by Thai military authorities later on Thursday. He had been arrested on Tuesday on the Thai border with Cambodia. The authorities also identified the first arrested suspect as well, Adem Karadak. Thai police reported that the two men were living together in a same flat in Bangkok, where Karadak was caught on Saturday.

Both of the arrestees were carrying fake passports to hide their nationalities, according to the authorities.

The Turkish Embassy declared on its website on Thursday that Thai authorities have not sent an official notification concerning arrest warrants issued for at least three persons believed to be "Turkish" nationals.

“This embassy had requested clarification by sending a verbal note to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ... on whether the suspect arrested on Aug. 29 is a Turkish citizen and about the Turkish passports televised in the news,” the statement said, adding that the nationalities had not been confirmed.

The statement also pointed out that a Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesman said that the suspect arrested with a fake Turkish passport is not Turkish.

“Our embassy in Bangkok stated that he is not a Turkish citizen. Also the Thai embassy in Ankara made it clear by stating to the press yesterday that there is no clear information on the issue,” the statement read.

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