Thai police issue warrant for 'Turkish' bomb suspect

Thai police issue new arrest warrant for Turkish national over possession of explosive materials

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

The Thai police issued an arrest warrant for a Turkish man, Emrah Davutoglu

Thai police issued another arrest warrant on Wednesday for an alleged Turkish man in relation to the deadly Bangkok blasts. The police named the suspect as Emrah Davutoglu, the husband of a Thai woman, Wanna Suansun, who is also an identified suspect.

"Another suspect is the husband of Wanna, whose name is Emrah Davutoglu," said police spokesman Prawut Thawornsiri.

"He is Turkish," Prawut said, adding that the arrest warrant was issued for “possession of war materials.”

Thai police claim that a network of suspects from Turkey or suspects using Turkish passports, are responsible for the blasts. 

"From our arrests, it is clear that this network sent people to that country," Prawut said, referencing Turkey.

Last week, the first suspect was arrested and was found carrying a fake Turkish passport. The police showed an image of a Turkish passport that was believed to belong to the accused. However, the inconsistencies in the passport indicated that it was fake.

It was the first time that the Thai police revealed the alleged suspect’s nationality.

Emrah Davutoglu is the eighth suspect for which an arrest warrant has been issued for in connection to the Aug 17 and 18 blasts that killed 20 and injured 120.

Earlier this week, the Thai police issued and arrest warrant for his wife Wanna Suansun after the police raided their apartment over the weekend and found materials to make bombs.

National police chief Somyot Pumpanmuang said on Tuesday that Wanna was in Turkey and would come to Thailand to clear her name.

Thai police made progress in the investigation on Saturday after they raided an apartment in Nong Chok, Bangkok, the location where the first arrest took place over the blasts. The arrestee was charged with possession of bomb making materials and dozens of fake Turkish passports.

Thailand’s Nation TV on Saturday aired an image of a suicide vest that allegedly belonged to the bomber.

The image later proved to be fake as it was taken from US Transport Security Administration’s official blog from March 8, 2013.

The second suspect was arrested on Tuesday on the Thai border with Cambodia.

On Wednesday, Thai police reported that the fingerprints found on bomb making equipment at the apartment matched with those of second man whom was arrested.

"We can confirm that this man is directly involved with the bomb material," Prawut said.

However, the man has been denying involvement in the blasts.

The group could be related to a human trafficking network, Prawut said on Wednesday.

"It might be a group who lost out on profits after police began work blocking the illegal network of smuggling people in and out to another country. Whatever the group is, they have Thais and foreigners involved," he said.

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