Thai police work on nationalities of Bangkok blast suspects

Thai police in process of identifying nationalities of suspects involved in Bangkok blast, authorities say

Photo by: AP
Photo by: AP

Thai police work to identify nationalities of suspects involved in Bangkok blast

Updated Sep 16, 2015

Thai police are working on identifying nationalities of suspects involved in Bangkok blast, authorities said.

The police requested a local court to extend detention period of the first arrested suspect who is now in custody.

First arrested suspect, Adem Karadag, had a Turkish passport and the second arrested suspect, Yusufu Meerailee had a Chinese passport. The police are in the process of determining the authenticity of the passports.

"We will send passports on Monday or Tuesday. But we have sent passport copies to them a long time ago. We need China and Turkey to use their microchip readers to read the information inside the passports," said Prawut Thawornsiri, Thai police spokesman.

Forensic tests conducted on two suspects had failed to find a link related to the site of the shrine blast, the police said on Friday. The DNA test results of two arrested suspects tied them to explosives found in an apartment raid but they did not match DNA evidences taken from Bangkok blast area. Two suspected bombers have no link to the area of the Bangkok blast.

Police said that the evidence suggested neither of the two men detained was the main bombing suspect.

Prawut said another 10th arrest warrant would be issued on Monday (Sept. 7) but they have not expressed the nationality of the suspect.

"We are in the process of drawing a sketch and waiting for the witness to confirm that the sketch is similar to the person. We will not make it today. The earliest would be on Monday," he said.

On Saturday, Karadag was transferred into police custody for extension on his detention. According to Thai law, police are empowered to detain a suspect for 84 days before the case goes to court. Minburi Court did not accept bail for him.

Karadag was arrested on Aug. 29, after police raided his apartment. Police had found dozens of fake passports and bomb making materials in his apartment, which were allegedly used in the blast at Erawan Shrine on Aug. 17.

Authorities have avoided to confirm the two arrested suspect’s nationalities as they believe both were using fake identity documents. Meerailee carried a Chinese one.

A Turkish national, Emrah Davutoglu, is also wanted by police. His arrest warrant was issued on Wednesday. It was the first time that Thai authorities revealed the nationality of a foreign suspect of the blast.

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