Thailand arrests second foreign suspect in Bangkok blast

After last week's arrest, Thai Police arrests another suspect responsible for deadly shrine bombing in Bangkok

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Thai Royal Police officials remove evidence from the site where a suspect of the recent Bangkok blast was arrested, in Bangkok-Archive

A second foreign suspect responsible for Thailand's deadliest bombing was arrested on Tuesday by Thai Police in Thailand, Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha said.

Last week, a foreign suspect was arrested carrying fake Turkish passport. Turkey’s Bangkok Embassy informed local authorities in Thailand that the suspect, who was arrested by Thai police last week on Saturday in relation to deadly Erawan Shrine bombing, is not a Turkish citizen, Thai police said on Sunday.

The suspect was arrested in Sa Kaeo province, east of Bangkok on the border with Cambodia. He was being transferred to Bangkok for interrogation.

Thai police spokesman Prawut Thawornsiri said a foreign man arrested by Thai police on Tuesday played a key role in the deadly bombing that blasted through the Shrine in Bangkok.

Though, Prawut said he could not confirm if the arrested suspect was the mastermind bomber seen on CCTV footage leaving a bag at the site of the shrine, which killed 20 people and shocked Thailand.

The arrested suspect was also connected to a second smaller explosion in Bangkok on Aug. 18, Prawut said.

He added that Thai police have issued arrest warrants for three more foreign male suspects.

Last month, Thai authorities had offered a $85,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the main suspect.

Officials have had different theories about the identity of the man, saying he could be foreign, or a Thai man pretending to be foreign.

Police have been criticised for providing contradictory information, and Reuters reporters last Friday found that the authorities had not checked some CCTV footage taken minutes after the blast, which featured a man dressed like the chief suspect. 

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