Thousands of Japanese evacuate as Typhoon Nangka approaches

Thousands urged to evacuate in Japan as Typhoon Nangka hits nation

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Thousands of Japanese are in fear after rapidly approaching Typhoon Nangka killed at least two people and injured several others earlier on Friday, on the island of Shikoku.

Authorities have reportedly urged over 350,000 residents to evacuate from the mainland where the typhoon seems to be approaching.

The two people who were killed were both elderly men, one aged 71 and the other 85. At least 17 others were injured by the disaster.

The typhoon was moving at about 185 kph during the night and hit a main island, Shikoku, at about 2:00pm (1400 GMT) on Thursday.

Shikoku was drained with violent winds, and heavy rain.

Nangka began to slightly weaken overnight after surpassing Shikoku.

It began to move towards the northwest of the country early on Friday, at about 20 kph, through the Sea of Japan.

Southern Japan could face flooding, strong wind, landslides and high tide, according to the country’s weather agency.

More than 177 flights were cancelled in Japan as warnings of the Nangka typhoon came.

Train and ferry services were also forced to be cancelled, while heavy rain and high tides affected regions of the country.

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