Tokyo Mosque hosts free dinner for Muslims to open their fast

Non-Muslims are also invited to participate as the mosque tries to make people in Japan more aware about the customs of Ramadan, the Islamic month of fasting.

Photo by: TRT World
Photo by: TRT World

Tokyo Mosque, also known as the Tokyo Camii, promotes cultural exchanges as getting non-Muslims to understand Ramadan can sometimes be difficult.

Ramadan isn't widely observed in Japan - it is one of the world's least religious countries. For observant Muslims, that presents some challenges, including the sense of isolation.  

There are only about 100,000 adherents in the country. But Ramadan or the Islamic month of fasting is also an opportunity to bring people together.

Tokyo Mosque or Tokyo Camii offers just that.

Towering over one of the most popular residential areas in the city, the mosque hosts a free iftar every day. The event is open to everyone, even non-Muslims.

TRT World's Mayu Yoshida reports from Tokyo.