Top Pakistani ISIS figure killed in US air strike

Leading Pakistani ISIS figure Hafez Saeed dies in US air strike in Afghanistan

Photo by: AP
Photo by: AP

Updated Jul 28, 2015

A prominent ISIS member in Afghanistan was killed in a US air strike on Saturday.

Hafez Saeed, a former senior Taliban member who pledged allegiance to ISIS, was assassinated in the east of Afghanistan along with 30 other militants, according to Afghanistan’s National Directorate of Security (NDS).

The man belonged to the group’s “Khorasan” faction, officials say.

He used to be a senior commander in the Pakistan branch of the Taliban, prior to declaring his loyalty to ISIS in October of 2014.

Last week scores of senior ISIS officials were killed by US air strikes in the region, including Shahidullah Shahid, former spokesman for the Pakistani Taliban who joined ISIS in 2014, and Gul Zaman, who was deputy leader of ISIS in Afghanistan.

“With the killings of Hafez Saeed, Gul Zaman and Shahidullah Shahid, who were the high-profile figures of ISIS in Afghanistan, we have destroyed the base of ISIS,” said Abdul Hassib Sediqi, a spokesman for NDS.

Officials say ISIS is not a major threat in Pakistan or Afghanistan, despite the group drawing in support from Taliban militants in the region, many of which have pledged allegiance to the group over the past year.

The group which draws in foreign fighters began its bloody insurgency over a year ago and is still controlling a swath of territory larger than Britain extending from eastern Syria to northern and western Iraq.

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