UN warns North Korea drought to trigger child mortality

UN urges rapid action to save children’s lives in North Korea

Photo by: AP
Photo by: AP

Updated Jul 28, 2015

The United Nations stressed on Thursday the necessity of rapid action to prevent child mortality which affiliated with the widespread malnutrition.

The United Nations, children’s fund, UNICEF said that there is an urgent situation needs to be solved by international susceptibility.

"The situation is urgent. But if we act now -- by providing urgently needed expertise and supplies -- we can save lives," said UNICEF East Asia Regional Director Daniel Toole.

“If we delay until we are certain of crop failures, it may well be too late to save the most vulnerable children,” he added.

In June, North Korea said the country has suffered from the worst drought of the century as diarrhea among the children are increasing significantly and farming is getting worse in drought-affected areas.

“Lack of rain reduces access to clean water and undermines effective hygiene, putting children’s lives at risk,” Toole said.

According to a study of which result was released in 2012, one in every four children had symptoms of chronic malnutrition due to a combination of insufficient health service, food and water conditions.

The UN also pointed on the impossibility of sustaining embargo on North Korea in the ongoing drought crisis.  

For this reason in drought-affected provinces, emergency supplies such as purification tablets, water storage containers and health supplies for children have been released by UNICEF.

According to predictions from South Korea’s Unification Ministry which came in last month, northern part of the country can face 20 percent fall in 2015 crop production, comparing with the last year’s production.

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