US says North Korea satellite transmits no data

North Korea’s recently launched satellite achieves stable orbit but does not transmit data back to Earth, US says

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un watches a long range rocket launched into the air in this still image taken from KRT footage and released by Yonhap on February 7, 2016

 US officials have said North Korea’s satellite launched on Sunday was in stable orbit but believed to not be transmitting data back to Earth.

"It's in a stable orbit now. They got the tumbling under control," a US official said on Tuesday while stating that the previous North Korean satellite launched in 2012 had never stabilised.

The earlier reports that suggested that the satellite named “Shining Star”, referencing North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s father, Kim Jong II, was “tumbling” in orbit have been refuted by US sources. However, the official said concerning the launch that US experts have not been convinced that Pyonganyang has significantly advanced its rocket technology since 2012.

The recent launch of a satellite said to be an earth observation satellite has angered North Korea’s neighbouring countries and the US.

On Monday night, President Barack Obama had a telephone conversation with South Korea and Japan.

US President Barack Obama reassured South Korea and Japan of Washington’s support and called for a strong international response to Pyongan’s launch in his telephone conversation with the countries' leaders.

According to the aides, Obama who spoke to two key Asian allies late on Monday is planning to address North Korea’s “provocations” when he hosts the leaders of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations in California early next week.

American missile experts say North Korea is deceiving the world by using the same design of the 2012 launch and is far from achieving any ground breaking success.

Vice Admiral James Syring, director of the US Missile Defence Agency, told reporters that North Korea's launch was "provocative, disturbing and alarming."

Both the United States and China are strongly supporting a new UN sanctions resolution that is expected to be adopted this month.

The UN Security Council has imposed sanctions against North Korea for its nuclear tests and long-range rocket launches dating back to 2006, banning arms trade and money flow that can fund the country's arms program.

But according to a confidential report by UN Security Council's Panel of Experts seen by Reuters, North Korea continues to export ballistic-missile technology to the Middle East and ship arms and material to Africa in violation of UN restrictions.

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