Amazon’s mysterious ‘Treasure Truck’ revealed

Online retailer begins to sell discounted goods in a truck driving around Seattle

Photo by: Amazon
Photo by: Amazon

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Amazon is launching a new way of marketing dubbed the “Treasure Truck” in Seattle where customers can purchase one discounted item every day.

“We really wanted to invent a brand new way for customers to shop Amazon. A really fun new way for them to interact with us,” Sam Hall, consumables vice president of Amazon, told GeekWire. 

“So, I guess, from that genesis the idea of the Treasure Truck was born.”

The Treasure Truck, which appeared on Seattle’s streets earlier this week, will drive around the city loaded with a single but desirable and heavily discounted item.

This Saturday, for example, the truck will be loaded with inflatable paddleboards for $99 –an almost 80 percent discount of its $477 regular price.

To find out “What’s out on truck today?” customers need to use Amazon’s mobile app that will provide real time location of the truck. 

Purchased items could be picked up from the truck stationed in predetermined locations around Seattle.

“We don’t want people running into the middle of traffic to flag down the truck,” said Hall.

Amazon’s new service will be available only to Amazon’s mobile app users in Seattle. 

Whether the Treasure Truck would be introduced in other US cities or overseas, Hall didn’t disclose to the tech site.

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