China closes over 1000 businesses to combat air pollution

Chinese capital has closed over 1000 businesses since 2011 in order to tackle smog

Photo by: AA (Archive)
Photo by: AA (Archive)

China has closed 1006 enterprises along with 228 markets since 2011 due to air pollution.

Since 2011, the Chinese capital has closed almost 1300 businesses in an effort to combat serious air pollution.

The primary sources have included carbon monoxide emissions from Beijing's almost five million motor vehicles, the burning of fossil fuels, dust storms and construction dust.

China Daily reported Beijing Mayor Wang Anshun as saying Friday that more than 13,000 applications for new businesses had been rejected during the period because they were on a list of prohibited or restricted operations.

The municipal government said that 1006 manufacturing and polluting enterprises had been shuttered over the past five years, along with 228 markets.

Around 400 factories were closed or relocated in 2014 and 300 in 2015, according to previous figures.

As China's economy has grown, the country has suffered unprecedented environmental pollution.

In early 2013, a particularly severe smog engulfed Beijing for weeks.

The situation elevated public awareness, and prompted the government to roll out emergency measures.