Global tech hub emerge in Israeli desert

World tech giants eager to stand by the Israeli army, as it relocates a large portion of its offices to the outskirts of Israel

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Israel is set to be the future home for cybersecurity command as world’s largest tech giants open offices in Israel’s Be’er Sheva desert, a new headquarter for the Israeli army as it relocates a large proportion of its offices out of central Tel Aviv.

In 2014, EMC, a US based data storage and cloud computing giant, was one of the first organizations to start up a business on the outskirts of the Israeli town as it anticipated it to a be good move for the company’s future.

“The main reason EMC wants to be in Be’er Sheva is for access to talent,” said Maya Hofman Levy, the company’s site manager in Israel.

Some other companies following the move were Oracle, Deutsche Telekom AG and International Business Machines. In March, eBay also become a member of the Be’er Sheva cybersecurity command hub as it acquired cybersecurity startup CyActive. 

Most firms have made the move in order to benefit from the Israel Defense Forces’ tech-savvy workforce.

The Israeli government has allocated close to $5.9 billion for the army’s move which includes, building technology and communications infrastructure.

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