Russia gives ultimatum to Google, Facebook, Twitter

Kremlin demands Google, Facebook and Twitter to comply with the media legislation of Russia and warns social media companies against violations

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Roskomnadzor, Russian federal regulatory body responsible for overseeing media, warned US-based Google, Facebook and Twitter with letters about the sanctions they that would face if they don’t pay attention to Russian government requests.  

“In our letters we regularly remind [companies] of the consequences of violating the legislation,” said Vadim Ampelonsky, Roskomnadzor spokesman.

Kremlin demands the three US firms to give the identification data on Russian bloggers for more than 3,000 page views per day. Companies must also take down the sites calling for “unsanctioned protests and unrest”, Ampelonsky said.

According to a law passed in 2014, Russian prosecutors can block the websites without a court order. Bloggers are also required to officially register and have confirmation for their identities.

Facebook rejected two Russian government requests on its users in 2014, while Twitter denied 108 requests in the second part of 2014. During the same period, Google supplied information on just five percent of 134 Russian requests.

However, the same ratio for complying US requests reaches up to 80 percent.

“We realize they are registered under US jurisdiction. But I think in this case they should demonstrate equal respect to national legislation,” Ampelonsky said.

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