Seven major innovations that happened in tech this week

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Photo by: Getty Images
Photo by: Getty Images

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Updated Mar 3, 2017

1. The internet is moving to Canada

Moving to Canada. (Getty)

Apparently, it’s not only ordinary US citizens who want to emigrate to Canada in the wake of Donald Trump’s victory. The Internet Archive – a not-for-profit digital library with the mission of "universal access to all knowledge" – announced its plans to move its servers from San Francisco to somewhere in Canada due to its concerns over the incoming president. The main issue, it says, is that it might be forced to delete parts of its archive under orders from the White House.

2. Building a self-driving car just became a little bit easier

A self-driving car. (AFP)

Your dream of turning your car into a self-driving one has just become a possibility., a small company based in California, just released the entire code for its self-driving car to the public... and it’s available for free. After receiving a warning from the US Department of Transportation, George Hotz, the CEO of, dissolved his company. With little left to lose, he then decided to release the code. Now, the only thing stopping you from getting your self-driving car project up and running is data. Lucky for you, Udacity, which has a self-driving car project of its own, has opened all its training data to the public. Watch this space...

3. You can now Netflix and Chill offline

Netflix now allows downloading from iOS and Android. (Courtesy of Netflix)

After opening up the service to virtually the entire world, Netflix has made another important update. Users of Netflix can download content and watch it later at no extra cost. This is expected to be very useful for developing countries with sketchy internet connections. It’s only for mobile though - sorry laptop users.

4. Car companies are about to fill Europe with electric charger stations

A Porsche is recharging at a charging station. (Getty)

It seems like the electric car revolution is in full gear. The leading automobile companies BMW, GM, Daimler, and Ford agreed on Tuesday to jointly build 400 charging stations along highways all over Europe. The charging stations will deliver 350kW over a DC network which could significantly reduce the charging time, compared to Tesla’s existing 120kW sites.

5. Ukrainian military gets “mixed-reality” helmets for tank drivers

A helmet with Microsoft Hololens Integration (Courtesy of Limbid Armor)

Tank commanders in the Ukraine will now be able to get a 360-degree view – inside their tank. Made by Ukrainian weapons maker, Limbid Armor, the helmet uses built-in Hololens glasses from Microsoft. The Hololens helmet combines video with reality, creating a mixed-reality for the driver. Dubbed the Circular Review System (CRS), the technology also allows the wearer to tag enemy and friendly units, and to send information to other commanders.

6. Google Translate can work for language pairs without any direct data

Google's new translation tool will allow obscure languages to be discovered. (Getty)

Google just released a new update for its machine translation service. This update overhauls the previous system and brings the power of neural networks – a computer system modelled on the human brain and nervous system. The revolutionary part is that it works for language pairs without any data for it. Suppose you have data for English->Turkish and English->Swahili. The system manages to bridge those pairs to translate from Turkish into Swahili. This update has a huge potential for obscure languages like Amharic and Irish.

7. Scientists have given amazing names to four newly discovered elements

It’s a rare day in science! Newly discovered elements can only be named after a mythological concept, a character, a mineral, a place, a property or a scientist. So they’ve been christened Nihonium (Nh), Moscovium (Mc), Tennessine (Ts) and Oganesson (Og). With the latest members, the seventh row of the periodic table is now complete.