Stephen Hawking's speech technology released by Intel

Stephen Hawking's speech software is now open source: Intel has published software and user guide on Github

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Intel had declared that it will be making Stephen Hawking’s speech software open source.

Stephen Hawking’s speech system has been developed by Intel which called it ACAT for “assistive context-aware toolkit" and it gives opportunity to disabled users with little movement to use computers.

This software was originally for Stephen Hawkings who has amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and it developed more with time.

The technology was created with three parts: input from an infrared webcam or sensor that distinguish facial movements, the interface that selects letters to form words and software that estimates what the user is typing.

Furthermore, the software has virtual keyboard which can choose and apply different programs and browse the internet. Also the system can edit and manage documents, and access emails.

The software is only available on PC, and can be downloaded. Detailed information and support contacts can be found on a website hosted by Intel.

Sai Prasad, the ACAT project owner, wrote on Intel's website that developers will continue to enhance on system by adding new user interfaces, new sensor features, word prediction and many other specification.

Software can also be downloaded from Github. Intel said it would provide support to help people find the correct sensors to control the system.

There are no plans for ACAT to work on Macs.

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