Surveillance company hacked and mocked

Hackers breach Hacking Team and broadcast stolen data on company’s official Twitter account

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

An Italian surveillance company which develops spy software used by police bodies and spy agencies was hacked and the stolen data from the hack has been published on the firm’s official Twitter account, a company spokesman confirmed on Monday.

“We believe documents have been stolen from the company,” Hacking Team spokesman Eric Rabe said in a statement. 

“We are investigating to determine the extent of this attack and specifically what has been taken.”

After hackers hijacked Hacking Team’s Twitter account on late Sunday, they published some screenshots from the company’s internal communications, including bills to various governments.

“Since we have nothing to hide, we're publishing all our emails, files and source code,” said one of the Twitter messages deleted by the company on Monday.

Hackers released 400GB of files apparently including the firm’s client lists, invoices to governments and software code. 

According to the data, the FBI paid a total of 697,710 euros to the Milan-based firm.

The Milan-based company has been heavily criticised after its malware was discovered to be targeting journalists and activists.

The online community is attempting to use the leaked data to piece together a list of world governments and spy agencies which worked with Hacking Team.

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