Toyota, Nissan to expand car recalls

Automobile industry continues to be hurt by faulty airbag inflators made by Takata

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Car manufacturers, Toyota and Nissan said on Thursday they will recall more than three million cars globally amid potentially deadly airbags equipped by Japanese supplier Takata.

It is estimated that 34 million vehicles are potentially geared up with faulty airbags in the United States, while an additional 7 million have been called back worldwide.

"Toyota will now globally expand its recalls to involve approximately 2,860,000 additional vehicles equipped with certain front passenger airbag inflators," wrote the automaker in an email. 

On June 16, Toyota recalled 1.37 vehicles in the US after Takata accepted to comply with an order by US regulators to disclose other defective airbags and expand existing recalls. 

Similarly, Nissan announced that it will add an additional 198,000 vehicles to the global recall crisis while Mitsubishi stated that it would take approximately 120,000 units off the lot. 

Honda, Japan's third-biggest automaker, has been hit the hardest as more than 19 million vehicles have been recalled worldwide. 

Takata imperfection in inflators are linked to a chemical propellant that helps inflate the airbags, this is seen as potentially harmful as it can cause them to deploy with explosive force, sending metal shrapnel hurtling toward drivers and passengers.

Till now, the cause for the flaw in inflators which spiked the recall crisis remains unknown. 

Although there have been been eight deaths associated with the faulty airbags so far, both Toyota and Nissan agreed that there have been no reports of accidents or injuries from vehicles it called back. 

On Thursday, Takata’s Chief Executive Shigehisa Takada, answered questions in regards to the progress made towards easing the effect of the recalls crisis, however his responses did not comfort shareholders, "the analysis isn't progressing very well," he said, without giving further details. 

In response to Thursday’s meeting Takata’s shares closed up 0.52 percent at 1,342 yen. Toyota’s stocks fell 1.31 percent to 8,338 yen while Nissan declined 1.56 percent to 1,257.5 yen.

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