VW recalls almost 6,000 gas-powered Touran models

The recall of 2006-2009 models is to replace the front gas bottles which if corroded, might cause it to burst and create a considerable injury risk.

Photo by: Matthias93/Wikipedia
Photo by: Matthias93/Wikipedia

A 2006 Volkwagen Touran

Another headache has emerged for German carmaker Volkswagen, following its emissions scandal, which is getting ready to settle for approximately $15bn in the US.

The carmaker is now dealing with a recall on almost 6,000 gas-powered Touran multi-purpose vehicles (MPV) worldwide to replace the models' front gas bottles.

Of about 5,900 affected MPVs with model years 2006 through 2009, some 3,800 are registered in Germany, Volkswagen's (VW) home market, it said.

The recall is due to potential risks that corrosion might cause the gas tank to burst and thus create a "considerable injury risk," Europe's largest automaker said on Wednesday.

A worker stands beside a VW Touran car in a production line at the plant of German carmaker Volkswagen in Wolfsburg, March 7, 2012.

VW said customers with vehicles affected by this recall should run the cars with gasoline until they have been refitted.