19 arrested in Spain for ‘glorifying’ separatist violence

19 arrested in Spain for supporting separatist groups like Eta

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Nineteen people have been arrested by Spanish police on suspicion of supporting radical rebel groups in the country, the most prominent group being ETA - a basque separatist organisation.

Agence France-Presse reported “Nineteen people have been arrested so far,” and a total of 23 people were targeted during police operations."

Those arrested are accused of encouraging the activities of separatist groups such as Basque country separatist  group ETA, Catalan separatist group Terra Lliure and anti-fascist resistance group Grapo.

The interior ministry made a statement on the operation early in the morning. They said that 16 people have been arrested as part of an operation for “glorifying terrorism.”

Some of the allegations are a result of the suspects using social media praising and asking for more attacks on government officials from the armed groups.

Neither of the mentioned groups were involved in any attacks in recent years. The most prominent of them, ETA, calling for an independent Basque country in Northern Spain and Western France were involved in the death over 800 people in decades of conflict. They undertook various urban attacks, including the use of bombs and direct shootings.

Eta agreed to a permanent ceasefire in 2011, however they disavowed giving up their arms as demanded by the Spanish and French governments.

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