Anti-police protests turn violent in Paris

Violence spread to the streets of the French capital on Wednesday night, as people demonstrated against a police brutality case that took place in a Paris suburb earlier this month.

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Demonstrators in Paris protest alleged police brutality.

Protests against alleged police brutality in a suburb of Paris spread into the capital city on Wednesday night.

Tear gas and smoke filled the streets as angry crowds demonstrated in support of a young man known as "Theo," the alleged victim of a police attack earlier this month.

The police are accused of raping and abusing the 22-year-old after he was arrested in the Aulnay-sous-Bois suburb on February 2.

"The injustice is that we have a young man who was raped by people who call themselves representatives of the forces of law and order. Law enforcers are trying to say that is was not a rape and we find this to be absolutely scandalous," said a 27-year-old protestor, Cecile Rimboud.

Protesters hold a banner that reads, "In face of police impunity let's be ungovernable." (Reuters)

Systemic racism

Demonstrators say they are protesting against injustice and systemic racism.

After the incident, Theo became a symbol for protests against police violence across France, which have led to over 200 arrests around the country.

A policeman has been placed under formal investigation for the suspected rape. Three others are under investigation for violent conduct during Theo's arrest.

Theo, whose family name has been withheld by authorities, remains in hospital with injuries to his anus and head.

Over 200 people were arrested across France after protests against alleged police abuses. (AP)

Tear gas and smoke from burning trash surround a man during a protest against alleged police brutality in Paris. (Reuters)

In Paris, people gather at a demonstration in support of a man known as "Theo," a victim of alleged police brutality earlier this month. (Reuters)

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