Armenian communities call UN to take Islam out of ISIS

Leaders of Armenian communities send letter to UN asking to remove term of Islam from ISIS

Photo by: AFP
Photo by: AFP

United Nations General Assembly at the UN in New York

Representatives of Armenian communities across Europe and the Middle East sent a letter to the UN (United Nations) asking for a resolution to ban the term ‘Islamic’ that includes in the ISIS.

The Armenian diaspora stresses that ISIS does not represent ‘Islam’ and its militants do not represent Muslims.

“We are very upset at the fact that important politicians, international organizations and the media call a dangerous terrorist organization the ‘Islamic State,'” Amram Petrosyan who is leader of international movement NAR (New Apostolic Reformation) told the Moscow based Izvestiya newspaper.

He also added “In our view, this is unjust and even provocative. We know that Muslims, Christians and people of other confessions always lived peacefully in the Middle East. If there were conflicts between communities, they were the fault of politicians and national leaders.”

The letter has been sent to representatives of the international New Armenia organisation in Syria, Lebanon, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Montenegro and Serbia on October 7.

“Fighters engaging in a bloody war need to be called terrorists, never Muslims. The very name of this terrorist organization in official documents as the ‘Islamic State,’ creates the basis for xenophobia and religious intolerance,” Petrosyan said.

A commander of the Armenian militia Viken Glchyan told Izvestiya about the importance of Armenian resistance fighters who are fighting with ISIS in Syria.

“The Armenian militia as part of the Syrian National Defense Force, together with our Muslim brothers with whom Armenians have lived for more than ten centuries, through the good times and the bad, and regardless of religious affiliations, today are fighting the terrorists side by side,” said Viken Glchyan.

“Shedding blood together with Muslims against terrorists, we are upset when civilized countries call them the ‘Islamic State,'” he added.

Previously The Spiritual Directorate of Muslims of Russia published a fatwa, a term used to define the legal opinion or learned interpretation of religious authorities, that emphasises that ISIS are the ‘enemies of Islam’ and calls for the punishment of all its members due to them being criminals.

“The members of the Ulama [Islamic scholars] council, on the basis of the Koran and Sunna and other legal sources, have shown and proved that all actions of the organization that calls itself "Islamic State" are contradicting Islam – starting from the creation of the group and calls for resettlement and finishing with their cruelty and public executions,” the document reads.

The Directorate announced on September 30 that they will support Russia’s military intervention to fight with ISIS and also suggested not using the term ‘Islam’ to define ‘Daesh,’ which is the Arabic abbreviation for ISIS.

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