Austria to reject refugees trying to pass through Germany

Austria to refuse entry to refugees trying to pass through Germany rather than appealing for asylum there, Austria Interior Minister says

Photo by: Reuters (Archive)
Photo by: Reuters (Archive)

Refugees arrive at the Austrian-Hungarian border station of Hegyeshalom, Hungary, September 5, 2015.

Austria will turn back refugees who want to pass through Germany rather than apply for the right of asylum there, Interior Minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner announced on Friday.

Germany has been turning back large numbers of refugees from its border with Austria, sending them back to Austria, the Austrian police stated this week.

Speaking in a radio interview broadcast, Mikl-Leitner said, "What is the situation currently on the German-Austrian border? That only those who want asylum in Germany are being let through, and those who want to travel onwards are sent back."

"We will stop them directly on our southern border as of the end of next week," she said, implying the country's border with Slovenia.

In the past year, hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing from conflict and poverty in the Middle East and Africa have entered Austria, many en route to Germany.

During the course of last year, around 90,000 asylum applications were made to the country, around three times more than those registered in 2014.

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