Austrians, refugees celebrate Eid al Adha in castle

Austrian villagers, Syrian, Iraqi refugees gather at castle in Bruckneudorf to celebrate Islamic Holiday of Eid al Adha

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Refugees celebrate Eid al Adha with Austrian villager Sabine Schoeller-Lamberty in the hall of Schloss Koenigshof, an ancient Habsburg castle in Bruckneudorf, Austria

Austrians came together with the Syrian and Iraqi refugees at a castle located in the Austrian village of Bruckneudorf that once belonged to Karl the Great and Habsburg Emperor Franz-Josef to celebrate the Islamic holiday Eid al Adha.

The current owner of the castle, Sabine Schoeller-Lamberty, offered to welcome refugees in her house. Although the Austrian authorities refused her proposal initially as the castle was in disrepair, they changed their decision later.

Sabine along with volunteers from the village installed electricity in the rooms and 24 refugees seeking asylum in Austria have been living in her castle for almost 10 days.

A young boy plays with a new toy as refugees celebrate Eid al Adha with Austrian villagers in an ancient castle in Bruckneudorf, Austria

Tens of thousands of refugees - mostly from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan have entered Austria - by travelling up through Balkan countries.

Most of them wish to go to Germany as their ultimate destination, but some say that they would stay in Austria rather than any other European country.

According to the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), more than 442,440 refugees have arrived in Europe by crossing the Mediterranean sea while some 2,921 people have died during the journey.

Frontex says in total at least 500,000 refugees have arrived in Europe as of Sept.15.

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