Autopsy of murdered German-Turkish girl raises questions

Autopsy of 23-year-old Tugce Albayrak’s cause of death turns into matter of dispute

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

The autopsy of Tugce Albayrak, a German girl of Turkish descent who was murdered last year in Offenbach, Germany, is raising questions about the cause of her death.

18-year-old Serbian national Sanel M. murdered Albayrak on Nov. 15, 2014 while she was trying to defend two girls from being assaulted in front of a McDonald's restaurant. 

Marcel Verhoff, the pathologist, who read out his autopsy report said, "The left side of her head suffered the greatest impact," explaining that Albayrak had most likely fallen onto the ground after the attack while sustaining a lethal injury to her head.

The explanation caused confusion, however, over the statement of the Sanel M., who said that he hit Albayrak many times the right side of her head.

Verhoff added that Tugce Albayrak may have suffered a concussion during the attack, causing her to lose consciousness and subsequently hit the pavement with her the left-side of her head.

An anesthetist working at the hospital in Offenbach, where Albayrak was treated after the assault, told the EPD news agency that the emergency response team had failed to start artificial respiration while Albayrak was still in the ambulance. This may indirectly have led to her throwing up upon arrival at the emergency room, with vomit blocking her airway.

"We lost a lot of time in the operating theatre trying to clear up her lungs," he explained.

These details may change the way the suspect is prosecuted, as he may be accused of inflicted the injury that led to her death rather than intentionally murdering her. 

According to German law, the maximum penalty prescribed for this crime is 10 years.

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