Belgian protesters march in solidarity with Greece

Demonstrations take place in Belgium ahead of meeting in Brussels between Greece and its international creditors to reach agreement on Greek debt

Photo by: AFP
Photo by: AFP

Updated Jul 28, 2015

At least 5,000 protesters marched in Brussels on Sunday in solidarity with the Greek people and against the austerity measures by the international creditors, just a day before negotiations between Greece and the creditors will be held in the city.

On Monday, the city will host meetings of eurozone finance ministers in order to reach an agreement on the country’s bailout after failing to reach an agreement at Friday’s Luxembourg meeting.

Proposals, which were made by Greece’s Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis, were swiftly rejected by the EU (European Union) ministers at the previous meeting.

The protest was organized by 25 leftist organizations, along with many other social and youth movements.

Protesters shouted slogans against austerity measures by the EU and IMF (International Monetary Fund), illegal debt write-off, Greek debt audit and the social emergency plan.

They condemned Alexis Tsipras, PM of Greece, Mariano Rojay, PM of Spain, Charles Michel, PM of Belgium, Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany and the EU policy that they deemed "racist and xenophobic."

Those who gathered for the protest began to march from Madou square and headed to the German and Spanish embassies, then finally arrived to Luxembourg Square, in front of the European Parliament.  

“Our lives do not belong to creditors” was one of the banners seen at the protest, and another read “We are not afraid and we will not step back.”

Earlier on 17 June, thousands of Greeks poured to the streets of Athens in protest of the austerity measures. The demonstration in Syntagma Square is regarded as the first major one against Greece's creditors since the establishment of the Syriza government in late January.

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