Body of refugee boy discovered at cliff of Greek Island

Body of a minor refugee found in Greek Island of Kos as thousands of migrants hugging the wind to change their desperate fate

Photo by: AFP
Photo by: AFP

Greek coast guard on Sunday found the body of a refugee boy at the foot of a cliff on the Greek island of Kos, a Red Cross official said on Sunday.  

The coastal guard announced that the body which was found at foot of a cliff belongs to an 16 year old Syrian refugee.   

The official said "his boat landed in a dangerous area of Kos [by a cliff] ,” adding that "He was travelling with a group, but because he was overweight and exhausted, he couldn't make the climb and was left behind."

The rescue efforts began following arrival of the boy’s brother who lives in Sweden as a refugee. He came to Greece with full of hope to find his brother but he just reached his inanimate body after he alerted the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR).

UNHCR spokeswoman Stella Nanou said that "the brother is a recognised refugee in Sweden, and their mother is still back in Syria. She was obviously devastated when she heard the news."

"This is a tragedy that highlights the need for better family reunification processes. This boy was a minor. Had there been proper family reunification processes in place, this would not have happened," she added.

Nearly 7000 refugee, including women and children stranded on the eastern Aegean island, Kos in the beginning of this week and encountered with the police in chaotic scenes.

Following the reducing tension, the immigration service sent reinforcement to the island and about 3,000 refugees have a right to travel on to Athens as 4,000 of them remained in it.

The remaining refugees who arrived to the holiday island from Turkey with small boats were accommodated in an enormous car and passenger ferry on Sunday that was provided by the Greek government for housing and processing them.

The ferry, Eleftherios Venizelos arrived the island on Friday but embarkation process were delayed by the authorities more than a day to plan everything well for refugees to avoid another chaotic scene again.

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