Bomb found on bus carrying Bulgarians in Hungary

Bulgarians escape unhurt after bomb discovered on bus travelling from Prague to Varna

Photo by: Public Domain
Photo by: Public Domain

Updated Jul 28, 2015

An improvised explosive device was discovered on a bus carrying Bulgarians in the Hungarian capital Budapest on Sunday afternoon.

The device was found in unattended luggage which aroused suspicion after emitting a strange smell.

It was reported by local media sources that the owner of the suitcase, believed to be a Czech or Slovak national, boarded the bus at its departure point in Prague, Czech Republic, before leaving the luggage behind in Brno.

A bomb squad was quickly called to the scene who found the luggage contained a petrol canister and an explosive.

The passengers, who were travelling to the Bulgarian city of Varna, arrived at their destination on Monday morning after being transferred to a different bus.

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