Bosnia arrests three for war crimes against Serbians

Three Bosniaks arrested in Bosnia and Herzegovina over mistreatment of Serbian civilians in 1992-93 Bosnian war

Photo by: AA (Archive)
Photo by: AA (Archive)

State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA) Spokesperson Kristina Jozic hold a press conference in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) State Investigation and Protection Agency announced on Tuesday that it detained three Bosniac suspects for taking part in crimes in the 1992-93 Bosnian war against Serb civilians.

Former police commander Ibro Merkez, police officer Esref Huric of Gorazde and Ahmet Sejdic from Sarajevo were accused of planning and ordering the imprisonment of more than 100 Serbian civilians, some of them who were children in the Bosnian war.

According to the Bosnian prosecution, the civilians were detained in the Gorazde police station and other buildings in the town.  

As a result of the treatment Bosnian Serbs permanently left the city.

A statement by the state prosecutor said that the civilians were held for several months, in where two of them died in inhumane conditions.

“Several dozen people were held in one room in inhumane and unhygienic conditions, which caused them great physical and mental harm. As a consequence of the detention and the fact they did not receive any assistance, two people died,” said the prosecution in a statement.

Sejdic, the former commander of the Bosnian Army’s First Visegrad Brigade is accused of illegal imprisonment, expulsion, torture and inhumane treatment of Serb civilians and capturing members of the Bosnian Serb army between July 1992 and February 1993.

According to the Serbian prosecution office, the detainment came as a result of cooperation between the Serbian and Bosnian prosecutions by giving significant evidence and witness statements.

“As a result of these crimes, Serb civilians were permanently resettled from the areas of Gorazde, Visegrad and Rudo,” the Serbian prosecution said on Tuesday.

Since then the offices have exchanged 53 documents, witness statements and other evidences.

Recently BiH and Serbia geared up bilateral cooperation in a bid to solve problems between two countries.

Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic visited BiH Srebrenica for a conference titled “Development Opportunities and Perspectives - Srebrenica 2015.”

The visit of Vucic to Srebrenica is second of this year. His first visit was on the 20th anniversary of Srebrenica genocide in July 11.

He was attacked by stone-throwing mourners at a commemoration because he had said in the 1990s war that Serbs will kill 100 Muslims if even one Serb is killed.

Srebrenica, the place where thousands of Bosnian Muslims were killed by Bosnian Serb forces in 1995 and in where many people went missing.

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