Break-in attempts fall at Eurotunnel Calais terminal

Migrant attempts to enter Calais terminal down from 2000 to 150 per night

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Increased security measures have reduced the number of migrants trying to enter Eurotunnel terminal near Calais from 2000 to 150 a night, an operator from the company said.   

“There has been a real fall in the number of attempted break-ins,” a Eurotunnel spokesman said.  

The company said intense security measures were taken by the British and French governments, such as providing additional fencing, floodlighting, infrared detectors and CCTV cameras and the measures have made a "real difference."

At the end of last month, the number hit 2000 migrants per night, they were trying to enter Britain using the tunnel to escape their desperate situation, said the officials from the company, adding that the current number is still unacceptable.

The UK authorities said there is still much to do to prevent migrant flow to the country, adding that it invested £7m to improve security at the terminal.

However French police are not satisfied with the raised security measures. They said all these efforts are just a “short-term solution” to the current migrant crisis, thousands of immigrants are living in desperate conditions near sub-prefecture of Calais in northern France.

More than nine migrants have died since June, as they were trying to scale or cut the perimeter fencing around the terminal to enter the UK.

Although measures were taken by the two countries, it is believed that some migrants are still looking for passage into Britain using different methods.

Natalie Chapman, from the Freight Transport Association, told the BBC that there has been "a big reduction"  in the number of complaints from the lorry drivers who are affected substantially from Calais migrant crisis.

“We still have concerns about the welfare of drivers... but once they're in the secure compounds around Eurotunnel things seem to be a lot better,” Chapman added.   

The migrant issue has been ongoing in France’s major ferry port since 1999.  Migrants from Africa and Asia have been trying to reach UK illegally from Calais by using Eurotunnel.


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