Brexit gains ground following EU draft deal proposal

Support for Brexit rises after Cameron proposes changes to terms of UK's EU membership

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

British Prime Minister David Cameron attends the donors Conference for Syria in London, Britain February 4, 2016

Support among the British public for leaving the European Union has increased after British Prime Minister David Cameron proposed a deal to stay in the bloc in an attempt to negotiate the country’s membership.

According to a poll conducted by the YouGov survey company, 45 percent of Britons wish to leave the EU whereas 36 percent want to see Britain staying in the 28-member club.

That marked a three point rise for those in favour of a so-called "Brexit" since a poll taken a week earlier, before the proposals were published.

Cameron is committed to a public referendum where citizens will head to the polls in order to decide the country’s future.

Even though the referendum was scheduled to take place in 2017, Cameron might manage to hold it as early as June.

The PM proposed changes to the UK’s EU membership last week which included getaways from welfare payments to migrants working in the country.

The proposed deal was heavily criticised in the media and several newspapers characterised it as "joke" and a "delusion."

"All of the changes proposed within the deal are popular... However only 22 percent say it's a good deal, and 56 percent say the changes do not go far enough," wrote YouGov UK online editor Will Dahlgreen on the results.

The draft deal proposal is set to be discussed by the EU at a summit on Feb. 18-19.

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