British bishops demand PM Cameron do more to help refugees

British bishops send letter to British Prime Minister David Cameron calling on him to do more for refugees

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Eighty four bishops from the Church of England have written to British Prime Minister David Cameron asking him to increase the number of refugees that the country will take in by 2020 to at least 50,000.

The British government is planning to accept 20,000 refugees within the next five years.

"We believe such is this country's great tradition of sanctuary and generosity of spirit that we could feasibly resettle at least 10,000 people a year for the next two years, rising to a minimum of 50,000 in total over the five year period you foresaw in your announcement," the bishops said in the letter.

"Such a number would bring us into line with comparable commitments made by other countries. It would be a meaningful and substantial response to the scale of human suffering we see daily."

Cameron declared one month ago in Northamptonshire, a country in the East Midlands in England, that Britain should take no more refugees should.

Over 600,000 refugees have entered Europe, crossing the Mediterranean Sea this year, while more than 3,000 others died in the attempt, according to the International Organisation for Migration.

The Church of England sent a copy of the letter to media organisations.

Bishops from the Church of England have also offered to provide rental properties and spare housing to refugees and to promote foster placement for unaccompanied and homeless children.

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