British nuclear missile crisis ‘waiting to happen’

Engineer makes leaks regarding UK's nuclear programme before going on the run

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

An engineer from the UK Trident programme which controls the maintenance of current generation of British nuclear weapons said there is a “disaster waiting to happen.”

William McNeilly claimed that there are vast security concerns over various safety loopholes in the Trident Programme’s Nuclear submarine system which have allegedly put the UK in grave risk.

McNeilly is now on the run from intelligence services for allegedly jeopardising the national interest and leaking classified information.

The engineer alleges that the missiles on the submarines can be easily accessed by terrorists and that if they get a hold of these powerful missiles, “it would kill our people and destroy our land.”

Enemies of the UK have the “perfect opportunity to send nuclear warheads crashing down on the UK,” he added.

A report released by McNeilly outlines the greatest flaws in the nuclear programme and sheds light on the outdated resources and understaffed team protecting it.

From safety checks to workplace accidents, the simplicity of wiping out a country is noted in the detailed report.

There are also details of muted alarms and regular procedures being avoided as well as classified information kept carelessly.

McNeilly has assured that his claims are valid, saying “My information comes from good sources and I have no reason to lie. If change isn’t made, a nuclear catastrophe almost certainly will happen.”

The Royal Navy has initiated an investigation regarding the allegations. They have released a statement saying ‘’the criticisms are subjective and unsubstantiated.”

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