British PM asks police to record anti-Muslim hate crimes

British Prime Minister David Cameron announces English, Welsh police will record hate crimes against Muslims separately

Photo by: AFP
Photo by: AFP

British Prime Minister David Cameron chairs the first meeting of his new Community Engagement Forum in London, October 13, 2015

British Prime Minister, David Cameron declared on Tuesday that Islamophobic hate crimes against Muslims will be recorded separately by English and Welsh police, as it was done for anti-Semitic hate crimes.

The PM spoke at the first Community Engagement Forum meeting, which was held to discuss the fight against extremism, the meeting was attended by representatives from different religions.

Cameron said during his talk that he wants to build a “national coalition to challenge and speak out against extremists.”

He also said that he wants “British Muslims to know we will back them to stand against those who spread hate and to counter the narrative which says Muslims do not feel British and I want police to take more action against those who persecute others simply because of their religion.”

Home Office crime statistics show that religiously motivated hate crimes increased by 45 percent and racially motivated hate crimes by 4 percent, from 2013 to 2014.

The ratios of increase from 2014 to 2015 are 43 percent and 15 percent respectively. The overall ratio of increase during the same period in hate crimes is 18 percent.

The report also said that a “greater awareness of hate crime and increased willingness of victims to come forward,” is likely to be one of the factors in the increase.

Muslim adults with a South Asian background are the “most likely” group to be a victim of a religious hate crime.

The specific categorization will provide the first accurate picture of anti-Muslim hate crimes in England and Wales.

The PM also said the new funding for security will be available for all faith establishments including mosques.

Home Secretary Theresa May said that the separate “data will help forces to build community trust, target their resources and enable the public to hold them to account.”

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