British PM Cameron to announce EU requests in November

British Prime Minister David Cameron says he would clarify his awaited EU renegotiation requests next month

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron talks to the media as he arrives at an European Union leaders summit in Brussels, Belgium, October 15, 2015.

Britain Prime Minister Cameron will announce his requests including an opt-out from a closer union, economic competitiveness, protecting the countries that are not included in the euro and putting a stop to welfare for EU migrants to Britian. He will announce these requests by writing a letter to EU President Donald Tusk before meeting with European leaders in December.

Cameron said that the negotiations before the referendum are planned to take place by the end of 2017, in his statement after meeting with European Commission President Jean-Cladue Juncker in Brussels, Belgium.

‘’This process will be more progressive and I will be remanaging the four crucial points which have to be changed and making clear these changes will be in the beginning of November,’’ David Cameron said.

‘’We speed up pace and these negotiations for making them ready to December council.’’

According to a British official, Cameron would announce his requests by a letter that he will send in the beginning of November to Tusk. The President of the Europen Council hosted a summit participated by the prime ministers and other leaders of 27 EU leaders in Brussels on Thurday.

Another British official told AFP that the letter will be written by Cameron to Tusk would be published.

He also added that he has confidence he will make a good deal for Britian and solve the problems which need to be solved. He believes that the process will go along very well and the needed steps will be taken.

’What we need is lucidity’’

Tusk held a press conference after the meeting in where he informed EU leaders about the discussions he had with Cameron last month.

‘’We admitted Cameron’s undertaking to organize United Kingdom’s worries by the letter in early November,’’ Tusk said.

European Council President Donald Tusk

There is still alot of disappointment about Cameron’s reluctance to say exactly what it is that he wants, although technical talks with the EU have already begun.

EU diplomats said that if Cameroun continued to put out his stall, the discussion would have to be delayed from the December summit to March.

European Parliament President Martin Schulz on Thursday said, ‘’we need lucidity about which issues will be discussed over the next months.’’

Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel said that EU leaders could ask for more details again and again to start negotiations  and added that he doesn't even know what Cameron is thinking.

Almost three years ago,the British prime minister excitedly announced his plan to look for reforms of EU and to go go for an in or out referendum concerning the EU membership of Britain.



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