Britons returning from Syria put Scotland Yard on high alert

London's central police headquarters warns against ISIS style terrorism on home soil

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Reports of hundreds of ISIS sympathisers moving into Syria is alarming for Scotland Yard, however now that hundreds of them have returned they are warning British citizens to be on the lookout.

The announcement was made on Thursday from Scotland Yard, headquarters of the London Metropolitan police service. A senior police officer said, such incidents increase the probability of ISIS like terrorist activity back here on home-soil.

Assistant commissioner Mark Rowley announced "There is no doubt of the horrific nature of the offenses being committed overseas. The influence of those who wish to bring similar violence to the streets of the UK has been an increasing threat here."

The latest statistics released by Scotland Yard show approximately 700 British citizens who’ve travelled to Syria. Most of whom are believed to have joined ISIS, which has become known for using brutal tactics for power and propaganda.

Furthermore, Scotland Yard has said Terrorism figures have gone up by 33%, the last 12 months saw 333 incidences of terrorism related crimes.

"The type and level of the threat is complex and ranges from lone actors intent on carrying out crude and violent attacks to sophisticated networks set on completing ambitious and coordinated plots," Rowley said.

The assistant commissioner asked of the public to be precautious and report in any suspicious behaviour. He also made it clear that this is a global problem.

"ISIS and other terrorist groups are trying to direct attacks in the UK, encouraging British citizens to travel to Syria to fight and train, and are seeking, through propaganda, to provoke individuals in the UK to carry out violent attacks here" Crowley added.

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