Bulgarian truckers stage counter-blockade on Greek border

Bulgarian truck drivers stage counter-blockade on Greek border to protest Greek farmers' nearly four week blockade

Photo by: AA (Archive)
Photo by: AA (Archive)

Bulgarian truck drivers protest Greek farmers’ blockage by staging a counter-blockade at Kulata, a checkpoint on the country’s border with Greece.

"What happens is humiliating, people cannot stand this anymore" Mirolyub Stolarski, said the head of the Bulgarian association of road transport unions.

The roads into Bulgaria and motorways across Greece have been blocked at intervals by Greek farmers for nearly four weeks, protesting pension reforms.

"Obviously, we have to close the borders and show that there is no border between Bulgaria and Greece," Stolarski said.

"And when they see that their blockade is not important, then they may realise that this is not the way to tie Bulgarian road carriers or Bulgarian citizens' hands."

The Bulgarian truck drivers call Greek farmers to stick to the agreement reached last week, requiring the blockade to be lifted at certain hours each day to keep vehicles from queuing up.

Last Tuesday, the barriers set up by Greek truckers caused four Bulgarian truckers to have an accident.

"They said that their families were starving, but what about the families of the people blocked at the border, are not their families starving, too," Stolarski said.

Bulgarian authorities demand sanctions from the European Commission against Greece, pointing out that Greek farmers are violating EU principles on the free movement of people and goods.

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