Call for northern England to integrate with Scotland

People of northern England identify themselves with Scottish culture and ideology rather than that of London

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Over 10,000 people have put their name down on a petition that calls to join Northern England with Scotland from the ‘London centric South’.

The petition acknowledges far greater reverence of the Northern English to Glascow and Edinburgh in terms of ideology than London.

Signatures were collected in a digital environment on and gained momentum immediately prior to Chancellor George Osborne’s visit to Manchester, who happens to be the only minister in the Parliament with a northern English constituency.

During the election campaign Osborne unveiled his plans to offer northern England more autonomy if they accept his vision.

The petition also has a geographic redistribution of land outlined expanding Scotlands southern borders.

The ‘New Scotland’ would encompass cities like Manchester, Liverpool, Leads and New Castle moving under the reign of the Scotland Nationalist Party that garnered 56 out of 59 seats in the recent election.

The petition had initially begun prior to Scotland’s independence referendum but lacked force following a no vote.

The petition initiated in Sheffield says: “We, the people of the north, demand that in the event that Scotland becomes independent the border between England and the New Scotland be drawn along a line that runs between the river Dee and the mouth of the Humber.”

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