Cameron called to clear UK referendum motive

Brussels reacts to UK referendum, says Cameron’s negotiations have no point if demands are not clear

Photo by: AP
Photo by: AP

Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron

Negotiations in Brussels have been postponed as David Cameron is expected to clearly state the UK’s referendum demands to proceed.

Senior negotiators have stated that Cameron has to specify the referendum demands in writing, the Guardian reports. However, the PM claims that he has not done so in fear of document leaks.

Secretary general of the European Union Council Jeppe Tranholm-Mikkelsen said that negotiations and talks should stop until the written demands are given.

The negotiations regarding the UK’s European Union membership started in July, but have not made any progress since.

“Because of the lack of clarification from the British, we’re in almost exactly the same place as three to four months ago,” a senior diplomat stated.

“Things looked better in July than now,” an EU official said pointing out that no changes have occurred. “Our side says to them: ‘please write it down and tell us there will be no more.’ They say no,” added the official.

The Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said that “there’s no point charging in with a fixed and firm agenda … We’ve set out areas of concern, no prescriptive lists. We’re exploring appetites and attitudes.”

In the meantime, Cameron will hold a meeting in Brussels over the migration crisis and further talks over the UK issue is expected.


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