Catalan separatist leader Mas fails to form new government

Catalan separatist party leader Artur Mas fails to form new government, making another election more likely

Photo by: AFP (Archive)
Photo by: AFP (Archive)

A far-left Catalan separatist party says it will not back a new regional government led by outgoing regional President Artur Mas.

Spanish media reported on Sunday that a far-left Catalan separatist party has refused to support a new regional government led by outgoing President Artur Mas, a development which is likely to push the region to seek fresh elections.    

The CUP, which opposes NATO and EU membership for Catalonia, has repeatedly refused to support Mas’s party due to his austerity policies and corruption allegations surrounding his party in recent years.

Mas’ party would have needed the support of just two CUP lawmakers to be re-elected for another term in office.

If the Catalan parliament could not form a new government before the January 9 deadline then it must call for fresh elections, which would be the fourth time since 2010.

On November 9, Catalonia's pro-independence regional Parliament voted for a separate social security system and treasury, aiming for complete independence by 2017.  

In September last year the "Together for Yes" alliance won 62 of 135 seats in the Catalan Parliament. However, it needed the support of the far left CUP, which won 10 seats, to form a coalition government before a January 9 deadline.   

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