Catalan separatists ready to declare independence

Pro-independence parties look set to win majority in upcoming Catalan regional election, says polls

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Flags in Catalan pro-independence demonstration.

The results of a survey published in Spanish newspapers ABC, El Pais and El Mundo on Sunday have showed the independence parties in lead to win the next election, which might break Catalonia away from Spain.

poll on Sunday shows candidates could win an absolute majority which requires having 68 seats out of a total 135 in the Catalan Parliament, even though they may get less than half the votes overall.

Survey of El Pais indicates the pro-seperatist parties Junts pel Si (Together for Yes) and Popular Unity Candidacy (CUP) have nearly 50 percent of the votes in the poll.  

Pro-independence movement would win easily with 40.7 percent of survey participants voting Junts pel Si (65 to 67 seats) and 6.4 percent voting for CUP (7 to 9 seats), ABC poll says.

Although Catalan people are not sure about the region’s sovereignty probability, the numbers are showing an absolute majority for pro-independence parties.

A seperate poll by La Vangurdia newspaper showed that only 20 percent of Catalan respondents were sure about the result in independence for the northeast region, thirty two percent of people said they believed the election would lead to a permanent fight between regional and federal governments.

In the survey by El Pais, 60 percent of Catalans would want to stay with Spain if the region had more powers.

If Catalan seperatist leaders win the vote on September 27th, they have promised to announce independence within 18 months.

The pro-independence movement drive has intensified over the recent years of economic crisis and complain about their tax money being redistributed to the rest of Spain.

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