Children’s bodies found washed up in Greek island of Kos

Two refugee children found washed up on shores of Kos island, Greece, marking latest tragedy of EU’s refugee crisis

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

The badly decayed bodies of two children were spotted on the shores of the Greek island of Kos on Sunday, one believed to be less than one-year-old and the other thought to be three to five years old, both found in the same spot on a hotel beach.

The children are believed to have been part of a refugee family that was trying to reach the island via a rubber dinghy, according to reports made by Greek media quoting the country’s authorities.

Both bodies were reported to have been moved to a hospital where an autopsy and DNA testing will be conducted.

According to Fabrice Leggeri, the EU’s border chief, 630,000 people have entered the European Union so far.

Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung said on Sunday that Turkey and the European Union are in agreement of a plan to simplify the influx of refugees into the bloc. According to the plan, Turkey will join Greek coast guard patrols in eastern Aegean in order to protect its border with the EU, coordinated by EU border protection agency Frontex.

According to the UN refugee agency, nearly, 310,000 refugees have entered in Greece this year and almost 3,000 have died or disappeared while crossing the Aegean Sea.

Frontex chief Leggeri said “more integrated management” was necessary to deal with the regions’ worst refugee crisis since World War II, including giving the agency power to act without member state consent.

“Member states must understand that in place of deploying hundreds of police at their national borders, it would be more useful to send them to the (EU’s) external border,” Leggeri said to the Ebra press group.

“If every state manages the crisis on their own, without coordinating with their neighbors, the flux will go from one country to another, to everyone’s cost,” he added.

The massive flow of refugees has caused controversy among the 28 EU member states over where the new refugees should be placed and what should be done to cease the influx.

The plan of sharing 160,000 refugees throughout the bloc benefiting required quotas have been rejected by many member states.


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