Copenhagen Airport evacuated over suspicous bag

Terminal 3 at Copenhagen Airport has been evacuated due to suspicious bag

Photo by: AFP
Photo by: AFP

An airport spokeswoman said that Copenhagen Airport was evacuated on Wednesday due to a suspicious bag. Metro station and Terminal 3 were blocked and all flights were transferred to other terminals.

"Terminal 3 has been evacuated after a suspicious suitcase was found at around 12 noon. We had received no direct threats," police spokesman Steen Hansen told AFP.

"A bomb-sniffing dog is at the scene, and all train traffic to the airport has been halted," said Hansen.

The airline published on Twitter that the reason of evacuation was a suspicious bag.

Copenhagen police confirmed the incident in a tweet but did not give more information.

Many police currently on site and investigating the incident.

According to Swedish newspaper police officers wearing bullet-proof vests arrived at the scene and one of them allegedly shouted “everybody get out,” which caused panic.

The incident occurred as Danish police tightens security measures to the second highest level, stating the increased risk of a terrorist attack after the Paris attacks.

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