Council in London endorses to leave EU in vote

A local London council votes in favour of leaving the European Union

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

The European Union and the Union Flag, side by side, outside a hotel in London, Britain on December 17, 2015

Havering Council, in east London, voted in favour of leaving the European Union in a vote, making it the first.

The local council, led by Nigel Farage, voted in favour of a motion from the UK Independence Party (UKIP) in a 30 to 15 favour motion.

The UKIP councillor, Lawrence Webb, said it was a “fantastic result.”

“We as local councillors have to make decisions on rules and regulations that come out of the EU. They have a direct impact on local services.” he added.

A referendum on whether Britain should leave the European Union was called by Prime Minister David Cameron after winning last year’s general election.

The British withdrawal from the European Union is sometimes referred to as “Brexit,” deriving from the combination of the words “Britain” and “exit.

With the vote expected to be held this year, the majority of Britain is in favour of “Brexit.”

Councils are not obliged to take a position on whether they want to remain in the EU or not, ahead of the referendum.