Crimea declared state of emergency after electricity pylons "blown up"

Crimea declared state of emergency after electricity power lines from Ukraine were sabotaged

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

A state of emergency has been declared in Crimea after pylons carrying electricity from Ukraine were blown up

Russian government said on Sunday, a state of emergency has been announced in Crimea after electricity power lines from Ukraine were blown up, ultimately affecting almost two million people.

Russian media cited two pylons in the Kherson region of Ukraine, north of Crimea, had been inflated by Ukrainian nationalists while the Russian Energy Ministry didn't explain the cause of the incident.

The ministry published a statement saying that two power lines that brought power from Ukraine to Crimea had been harmed, which left 1,896,000 people without electricity.

The ministry also said that a state of emergency had been announced in Crimea adding that emergency supplies had been turned on for urgent necessities and 13 mobile gas turbine generators were being adapted.

If the attacks -the identity of perpetrators is still unclear - are by Ukrainian nationalists, it will probably increase tensions between Russia and Ukraine more.

The four electricity lines that provide Crimea with power from Ukraine were first attacked on Friday, explosions downed two lines and destroyed the other two.

Ukrenergo ,Ukraine's state energy company on Friday said the power lines were brought down at around 4:00am and posted photos of one downed pylon with a hole blown through it.

The company said in the statement, "The nature of the damage shows that it took place as a result of shelling or the use of explosive devices."

Following Friday's attack, Crimea's authorities warned the residents to charge batteries and store up water in case there is a complete power cut.

Another explosion followed Friday’s attack and cut all the power to Crimea.

The head of the anti-narcotics department of Ukraine's Interior Ministry, Ilya Kiva, wrote on Facebook,  "The pylons have just been blown up!!!"

Crimea saw several total power cuts last winter which were said to be due to repairs and technical problems by the authorities.

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