DAESH kills two Russian police officers in Dagestan attack

DAESH claims responsibility over car bombing that killed at least two policemen and injured many others in Dagestan

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

A view shows a burnt vehicle near a damaged traffic checkpoint near the town of Derbent in Dagestan's southeast, Russia, February 15, 2016.

DAESH terrorist group conducted a suicide attack at a police check-point, which blew up a car in volatile Dagestan, killing at least two policemen on Monday.

It was deadliest attack in the federal republic of Russia, since 2013.

A Dagestani security source said that the suicide bomber had come from "the southern [DAESH] terrorist group,” without giving further information, according to a local media outlet, quoted by Reuters.

Sources close to DAESH posted on Twitter accounts that they had carried out the attack "with a car bomb towards a barrier set up by the apostate Dagestani police."

Photographs sent in by a local cameraman showed several burnt-out cars and a separate engine - believed to be what was left of the suicide bomber's car - near the village of Jemikent in southeastern Dagestan.

"A suicide [DAESH] terrorist was at the wheel. He blew himself up," Reuters quoted an unnamed Dagestani security source as saying.

The explosion, which also wounded several policemen and civilians, hit the police post.

Monday's attack, which came about 9:00am local time (0600 GMT), was equivalent to 30 kg of TNT, the Interfax news agency cited police experts as saying.

Russian news agencies reported that the number of injured reached 17, citing Health Ministry officials.

Dagestan, which borders Chechnya, has faced bombing attacks on police and kidnappings by militants.

After the rise of DAESH, militants in Dagestan and Chechnya left their homelands to join DAESH in their droves.

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