DAESH releases pictures of two killed captives

Terrorist group DAESH publishes pictures of two killed hostages, bomb claimed to have downed Russian plane

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Norway's Prime Minister Erna Solberg (L) and Foreign Minister Borge Brende attend a news conference in Oslo, November 18, 2015

DAESH announced in its English language magazine Dabiq on Wednesday that they had killed a Norwegian and a Chinese captive, releasing pictures of the dead men.

No further information was released from the magazine, however pictures of the two dead men were shown under a banner reading “Executed.”

Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg said in a news conference in Oslo, in where the foreign ministry also attended, that the captive man is quite possibly 48-year-old Ole Johan Grimsgaard-Ofstad.

The Prime Minister condemned the killing and added that government is looking for further information regarding the incident.

"Today, ISIL [DAESH] claims to have executed Ole Johan Grimsgaard-Ofstad. We must take reservations about the published picture being real, it is now being investigate by our experts, but so far we have no reason to doubt the content of it,” she said.

Identified Grimsgaard-Ofstad was a candidate for a masters degree in political sciences.

Solberg said two months ago that a Norwegian was held hostage by DAESH terrorist group in Syria since January.

She also said in the press conference the killing was “painful for the family and the whole country” but stated that it did not pay ransoms. “Even if it hurts, we should never let the terrorists win.”

Norwegian Foreign Minister Boerge Brende said that the government has been publishing information regarding the whole incident in accordance with the wishes of the family involved.

"Our thoughts and compassion is with Grimsgaard-Ofstad's family and friends. It's impossible to comprehend the fear and anxiety they have lived with for weeks and months. I have been in close contact with the family these months and latest today. They wanted me to say that ISIL [DAESH] also in this case have shown their brutality by mutilating the hostage. The knowledge of the suffering Grimsgaard-Ofstad was subjected to while he was in ISIL's [DAESH] captivity has been a tremendous strain on the family. He was badly treated in captivity. Pictures and videos of the ill-treatment were sent to us with the demand for ransom," he said.

On the other hand, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said they were “greatly shocked” and they were still seeking verification of the execution.

In a statement Hong said the government had been trying to release the hostage who has been held in DAESH captivity since September.

The terrorist group previously identified the captive as a freelance consultant from Beijing, 50-year-old Fan Jinghui.

Dabiq magazine had released pictures of the Chinese and Norwegian man saying that their countries ''abandoned'' them. In the same issue DAESH said the hostages were “for sale” and ransom payments could secure their release.

DAESH also released a photo that shows an improvised bomb which they claim downed the Russian plane over Egypt's Sinai Peninsula last month, killing all 224 people on board.

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