Dutch politician Geert Wilders airs Muhammad movie on TV

Anti-Islam Dutch politician Geert Wilders airs short animated movie on Prophet Muhammad on national television

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

A Far-right Dutch politician and member of parliament who is known for his anti-Islam attitude, has aired a new short movie based on controversial cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad drawn at a cartoon competition in Texas.

The almost three-minute-long movie was aired on national Dutch television on Wednesday.

Wilders claims his act, which came in the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, is his expression of freedom of speech.

"I do it because we have to show that we stand for freedom of speech and that we will never surrender to violence," he said.

He is expected to air the video again on national TV on July 3.

The cartoon competition in Garland, Texas earlier in May was disrupted with the armed attack of two gunmen who were later shot dead. Wilders was present at the exhibition as a key speaker, but was not injured.

The event called “Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest,” was organised by the notorious far-right American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), known to sponsor Islamophobic content.

Wilders, who is not merely anti-Muslim, but also anti-Moroccan, is due to stand trial for alleged discrimination after making statements in which he denigrates Moroccans in Holland during his election campaign. Wilders, however denied his intention to provoke.

Footage was released in 2014, in which he asserts that he will pursue the “reduction of Moroccans” in the Netherlands.

Aissa Zanzen, spokesman of the Council of Moroccan Mosques in the Netherlands says "Wilders is out to provoke Muslims and he has done everything he can to do that."

Four days earlier, Geert had uploaded the same video on YouTube that showed nine caricatures of Prophet Mohammed.

Wilders has lived under 24-hour protection since airing an anti-Islam film, Fitna.

His depiction of the Prophet Muhammad is considered highly offensive and denigrating to the world’s almost 1.6 billion Muslims.

The Dutch Foreign Ministry however, has expressed that Wilder’s actions do not represent the Netherland’s official position.

“Terrorists have to realize that they will never win and how important freedom of speech is for us in the Netherlands,” says Wilders.

“Islam and terrorists do not want us to expose these cartoons,” he stated in the video. "But terror and violence are not allowed to win of freedom of speech. That’s why we have to do what terrorists try to impede us from doing,” he added.

The Dutch parliament had rejected his appeal earlier in May to air an exhibition of Prophet Muhammad cartoons.

Wilders, founder and leader of the Party of Freedom, established in 2006, is notorious for his extreme contempt of Islam and Muslims. He has stated however, that he does not “hate Muslims” but “hates Islam.”

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